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Billiard table for


Supply for other games such as Snooker also possible.

Baron is a title of rich nobles in the Middle Age. Barons were the pillars of royal power, sending knights to army and exercising public office.Baron table is a secure foothold of your leisure. Massive forms, shaped legs and carved plates reminiscent of expensive antique furniture that used to decorate interiors of aristocratic castles. Baron is a rich table but has nothing excessive. It welcomes to have rest and pleasing company of estimable people. The wide color range allows to buy a unique Baron. Black Baron and Red Baron – now these novel characters can stand in your billiard room.Hard wood (oak, ash tree) is used in production of this table. The base – natural slate 38-45mm thick. Cloth – "Iwan Simonis" (Belgium). Embedded plate jacking system and adjustable leg supports ensure horizontal playing field. Due to wide (100mm) rims and their end face attachment to plates, Baron offers proper ball bound and pockets with tracks make your game even more convenient.

Made of oak/ash.

Cloth: Simonis 760
Rubber Cushion: Dybior " RUS PRO"
Pockets: custom-designed handcrafted leather
Table Height: 0,80 m

Table Size

Number of Legs


Playing Field, m

Overall Size, m

Min. Room Size, m

Weight, kg

8 ft


3 pcs, 25mm

2,24 x 1,12

2,54 x 1,42

5,30 x 4,20


9 ft


3 pcs, 25mm

2,54 x 1,27

2,84 x 1,57

5,80 x 4,50


10 ft


3-5 pcs, 38mm

2,95 x 1,47

3,25 x 1,77

6,20 x 4,70


12 ft


5 pcs, 45mm

3,50 x 1,75

3,80 x 2,05

6,80 x 5,00


Delivery and installation on demand.

Self delivery possible (in 73540 Heubach, date agreement required)

The table is available with the following color options:

Cloth options


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Billiard Table BARON Pyramid

Billiard Table BARON Pyramid

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