Billiard Table "Rustic Ranch " Pool

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Billiard Table Rustic Ranch

Exclusive series - EVEN MORE POSSIBILITIES! Not only reliability, but also big possibilities to create individual style, according Your needs.

Billiard table “Rustic” – manufactured of natural wood with effect of “glaring aged outside”. 

With help of special technology, when from deep taking out softwood part and leaving wood flutes and branches on the surface, this table has very specific outside looking. Because of this technology finishing is not identical, and will depend on location of wood flutes and branches on the surface of timber. Every table will be unique and different as also trees in the nature.

* legs made of pinewood
* frame and body made of pinewood
* cushions made of pinewood
* leather pockets
* 3-pcs slate: 25mm
* D.B.O. Speedball Professional rubber cushions

Table size

Legs q-ty


Playing field, m

Overall size, m

Required room, m

Weight, kg

8 Fuss


3 pcs, 25mm

2,24 x 1,12

2,54 x 1,42

5,30 x 4,10


9 Fuss


3 pcs, 25mm

2,54 x 1,27

2,84 x 1,57

5,50 x 4,30


The table is available with the following color options

Pocket options:

The table is available with the following cloth colors

Iwan Simonis 760 (70% Wool -30% Nylon)

EuroSpeed (45% Wool - 55% Nylon)

Delivery and installation on demand.

Delivery time within 3- 4 weeks

Self delivery possible (in 73540 Heubach, date agreement required)


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Billiard Table "Rustic Ranch " Pool

Billiard Table "Rustic Ranch " Pool

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