Billiard Table MAGNATE de LUXE Pyramid

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Billiard table for


Supply for other games such as snooker also possible.

Model: Magnat Deluxe

Magnate is the official table at prestigious Russian billiards competitions. It was used at the first European pyramid championship.A professional tool means nothing excessive – Magnate design can be considered puritan with decoration brought to minimum. During design, maximum effort was aimed to make a table with game performance approaching the ideal. Thus, this is one of the first tables with pockets with ball tracks, which has made the game more convenient and aesthetic.The playing field is based on carefully selected and tailored extra thick slates, which together with Belgian cloth "Iwan Simonis" ensures excellent roll. Our brand secrets used in rail covering and joining enhance the rebounding. This table allows the most unbelievable strikes, which has been many times demonstrated by professional players at international competitions.

At 8 ft tables the balls have a diameter of 60.3 mm - Bags with nylon net without drain

At 9-12 ft tables the balls have a diameter of 68 mm - Bags with drain

Made from birch, also wish to oak / ash

3-5-pcs slate: 25-45 mm
Legs with separate levelers.
Cloth: Simonis 760
Rubber Cushion: Dybior " RUS PRO"

Table Size

Number of Legs


Playing Field, m

Overall Size, m

Min. Room Size, m

Weight, kg

8 ft


3 pcs, 25mm

2,24 x 1,12

2,54 x 1,42

5,30 x 4,20


9 ft


3 pcs, 25mm

2,54 x 1,27

2,84 x 1,57

5,80 x 4,50


10 ft


3-5 pcs, 38mm

2,95 x 1,47

3,25 x 1,77

6,20 x 4,70


12 ft


5 pcs, 45mm

3,50 x 1,75

3,80 x 2,05

6,80 x 5,00


Delivery and installation on demand.

Delivery time within 2- 4 weeks

Self delivery possible (in 73540 Heubach, date agreement required)

The table is available with the following color options:


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Billiard Table MAGNATE de LUXE Pyramid

Billiard Table MAGNATE de LUXE Pyramid

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