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Billiard Table DUKE Pyramid

Billiard Table DUKE View larger

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Table delivery within Germany 193,98 €
Table delivery outside of Germany 341,18 €
Table installation 146,22 €

3 304,54 €

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Billiard table for


Supply for other games such as Snooker also possible.

Model: Duke

“Duke” is another new model of “RuptuR” billiard tables. It was designed on the basis of the classic and very popular “Magnat” and represents the best inventions and an ascetic style combined with slightly carved decorations on the leg assemblies. The next distinctive feature of the table is the rounded top-rail shape which has been highly appraised by professional players.

Made from birch, also wish to oak / ash

3-5-pcs slate: 25-45 mm
Legs with separate levelers.
Cloth: Simonis 760 
Rubber Cushion: Dybior " RUS PRO" 

Table Size

Number of Legs


Playing Field, m

Overall Size, m

Min. Room Size, m

Weight, kg

8 ft


3 pcs, 25mm

2,24 x 1,12

2,54 x 1,42

5,30 x 4,20


9 ft


5 pcs, 38mm

2,54 x 1,27

2,84 x 1,57

5,80 x 4,50


10 ft


5 pcs, 38mm

2,95 x 1,47

3,25 x 1,77

6,20 x 4,70


12 ft


5 pcs, 45mm

3,50 x 1,75

3,80 x 2,05

6,80 x 5,00


Delivery and installation on demand.

Delivery time within 2- 4 weeks

Self delivery possible (in 73540 Heubach, date agreement required)

The table is available in these colors:

The table is available with the following cloth colors

Iwan Simonis 760 (70% Wool -30% Nylon)


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Billiard Table DUKE Pyramid

Billiard Table DUKE Pyramid

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