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Billiard Table ADMIRAL Pyramid

Billiard Table ADMIRAL View larger

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Name Preis
Table delivery within Germany 193,98 €
Table delivery outside of Germany 341,18 €
Table installation 146,22 €

11 687,73 €

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Billiard table for


Supply for other games such as Snooker also possible.

Made of oak/ash.

Cloth: Simonis 760
Rubber Cushion: Dybior " RUS PRO"
Pockets: custom-designed handcrafted leather
Table Height: 0,80 m

Table SizeNumber of Legs    SlatePlaying Field, mOverall Size, mMin. Room Size, mWeight, kg

10 ft


5 pcs, 38mm

2,95 x 1,47

3,25 x 1,77

6,20 x 4,70


12 ft


5 pcs, 45mm

3,50 x 1,75

3,80 x 2,05

6,80 x 5,00


Delivery and installation on demand.

Self delivery possible (in 73540 Heubach, date agreement required)

The table is available with the following color options:

Cloth options


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Billiard Table ADMIRAL Pyramid

Billiard Table ADMIRAL Pyramid

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