Our Billiard Table Service: Benefit from Our Service Offerings

In our BILMAG Billiard Shop, you will find everything that makes the heart of passionate billiard players beat faster: Whether you need a high-quality cue, are looking for stylish billiard furniture, want to buy a luxurious billiard table, or are interested in practical billiard table dining table combinations with cover plates – we are here to help. Besides offering a wide range of products, we provide even more: At BILMAG, your experienced specialist dealer, you benefit from our various billiard table service offerings.

From expert advice to assistance in assembling your dream billiard table, to delivery and installation: With our billiard table service, we ensure a flawless playing experience for our customers at BILMAG.

Our BILMAG Billiard Table Service: Consultation, Delivery, Installation & More

A billiard table is a significant purchase that should bring joy into your home. However, incorrectly or poorly assembled tables can quickly spoil the fun. Therefore, rely on our professional billiard table service offerings.

  • Consultation: Our services include personal, comprehensive, and especially expert advice. Billiards is our passion, and we want to share it with our customers. That’s why individual consultation with our customers is very important to us. We answer all your questions and help you assemble the billiard table of your dreams.
  • Delivery: We deliver daily (Monday to Friday) and even across Europe. To ensure the delivery goes smoothly and is processed promptly, we ask you to clarify technical questions in advance with us and to arrange a specific delivery date. The delivery time is one to two weeks, depending on availability.

Attention: We require an additional helper on site!

  • Installation: Correct installation of a billiard table is extremely important. In particular, aligning the slate and stretching the billiard cloth can be a significant challenge for amateurs. Therefore, rely on the help of our professional installation staff, who have expertly assembled over 1,000 billiard tables. With our billiard table service, we guarantee the correct assembly of the table and thus maximum playing enjoyment! Find out more about our service for a billiard table with installation.
  • Payment: We also offer you the option to pay for the billiard table in cash after installation.
  • Miscellaneous: Upon request, you can also take advantage of additional services, such as renewing the billiard cloth.

Do you have questions about our billiard table service?

Then contact us at 07173 / 403703 or 0172 / 9337803. We will be happy to advise you on assembling your individual billiard table and answer all your questions about our billiard table service.