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Billiard Dining Table Combinations Save Space and Bring Fun for the Whole Family

Not many people have the luxury of owning a billiard table. Often, there’s simply no space for it at home. A simple yet ingenious solution in such cases are our billiard dining table combinations, which serve as a dining table and can be transformed into a professional billiard table with little effort. Thus, you can comfortably dine at a table with an integrated billiard table and then play a round of billiards afterwards.

What are the Advantages of a Billiard Dining Table?

Practical and space-saving: A billiard dining table skillfully combines the functionality of a dining table with the fun factor of a billiard table. The special thing about it: The multi-purpose function of the table is not immediately apparent. When the table is covered with its plates, no one would guess that beneath lies a fine billiard cloth, waiting to be played on. Conversely, the billiard table also appears as a normal playing surface – friends and family will be surprised when you show them the transformation skills of the table. 

Besides its multi-purpose function, a billiard dining table from BILMAG has other strengths:

  • Height Adjustable: A dining table and a billiard table are usually of different heights. That’s no problem for our dining tables with integrated billiard tables: Height-adjustable feet bring the table to the right height and allow for leveling out floor irregularities. You also have a choice regarding size: From a small billiard table with 6 ft. (approx. 180 x 90 cm playing area) to a large table billiard for Russian Pyramid – we have it all!
  • Customizable: Just like our normal pool billiard tables, you also have a choice of many different woods and cloth designs and colors for our billiard dining table combinations. The tables can be completely adapted to your individual taste. For example, exclusive billiard cloths from Simonis are always a good choice.

Billiard Dining Table from BILMAG: Opt for Quality and Consultation from a Specialist Dealer

BILMAG is your competent specialist dealer for billiard tables of all kinds. Here you will find a wide selection, from classic Pool Billiard Tables to game tables for the billiard variant Russian Pyramid, and to billiard dining table combinations. In addition, we offer you practical services:

  • Consultation: As an experienced expert, we are happy to advise you personally if you wish to buy a billiard table. Together we will find the right billiard table for you.
  • Assembly Service: Of course, we offer our professional help with the assembly of the table. Only a perfectly assembled billiard table offers optimal ball rolling behavior. Learn more about our billiard table with assembly service.

If you have questions about our range, another product from our Billiard Shop, or our Billiard Table Service, please call us: We are happy to assist you at phone number 07173 / 403703 or alternatively at 0172 / 9337803.


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