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Buying a Billiard Table: From Hobbyist to Pro – BILMAG Provides Expert Guidance for Selecting Your New Billiard Table

For many people, it’s a long-cherished dream: owning a billiard table. Whether you’re an ambitious hobbyist or you compete professionally with other billiard players in clubs or tournaments, you can find a fine selection of high-quality billiard tables in our Billiard Shop that offer excellent value for the price. This means you can buy the perfect billiard table for every skill level, taste, and budget. We are here to assist you with our experience and expertise, helping you choose the ideal billiard table that suits your needs.

Buying a Billiard Table at BILMAG Billiard Shop: Everyone finds the perfect billiard table with us!

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Pool, Russian Pyramid & More: Which Billiard Table to Buy?

Billiards is a versatile sport with various game variations, some of which require different types of billiard tables. At BILMAG, you can easily purchase a billiard table designed for games like “Russian Pyramid.” We’re here to provide you with information about the different billiard tables:

  • Pool Billiard Table: The classic among billiard tables is available in various models at our store. From simple beginner models to exclusive pool billiard tables with stylish decorations and exquisite carvings, all our tables offer excellent quality and craftsmanship.
  • Russian Pyramid: You can also purchase a suitable billiard table for the “Russian Pyramid” billiards variant from us. Whether you prefer a simple and elegant design or an opulent and playful table, we have the billiard table of your dreams available in various styles.
  • Billiard Table Dining Table: Sometimes, space may be limited in your home for a large billiard table. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams! Practical billiard table dining table combinations with cover plates allow dual use of the table. The classic billiard table can be transformed into a stylish dining or work table with just a few simple steps.

Buy a Billiard Table at BILMAG and Customize to Your Preferences

When you purchase a billiard table from our Billiard Shop, you have countless options for customization. You can choose from various wood finishes and billiard cloth colors to create a billiard table that perfectly matches your personal preferences. An exclusive billiard table from BILMAG will be a real eye-catcher in any room and provide fun for the whole family.

Buy a Billiard Table and Have It Professionally Assembled – Our Billiard Table Service for You

No matter how good and high-quality a billiard table may be, improper assembly will lead to disappointment. Therefore, take advantage of our option to purchase your new billiard table with assembly: Our experienced staff has expertly assembled over 1,000 billiard tables throughout Europe. Our professionals ensure that your new billiard table provides maximum enjoyment!

If you have any questions, you can reach us at 07173 / 403703 or alternatively at 0172 / 9337803. We’re ready to assist you.