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Buy a Billiard Table with Assembly and Play Worry-Free Thanks to Bilmag Billiard Shop

Whether a billiard table in your own home, in a club house, or in the hospitality industry: Only if the table is set up flawlessly, relaxed and above all fair snooker or pool games are possible.

Incorrectly mounted or damaged billiard tables during assembly can spoil or prevent the fun of the game. Therefore, rely on Bilmag Billiard Shop for a billiard table with assembly – so you can be sure that your table is professionally and perfectly set up.

Bilmag Billiard Shop: We are your competent contacts when you want to buy a billiard table with assembly!

Billiard Table Assembly: Highly Functional Interplay of Perfectly Coordinated Components

Even a non-player recognizes a billiard table at first glance. But the professional knows that the billiard table assembly differs depending on the type: There is the pool billiard table, the snooker table, and the carom table.

Let’s briefly outline the typical billiard table assembly using the classic pool table as an example:

  • Base Frame: The base frame is also known as the “Frame”. It usually consists of 2 box feet or 4 standing feet. For heavy tables, 2 additional feet are mounted in the middle to support the weight. The frame is usually made of wood, although some manufacturers use steel.
  • Playing Surface: The playing surface is usually covered with green or blue felt, but other colors are also possible. Depending on the model, it hides either an MDF board or the high-quality version of multi-part slate plates. Ambitious players rely on the slate plate for billiard table assembly, as only here perfect playing behavior is possible and the billiard cloth can be changed if necessary.
  • Frame: The outer frame of the billiard table, known as the cushion mirror, serves as a support for the cushion rubbers. The frame made of wood or aluminum is screwed into the playing plate.

Do you have any more questions about billiard table assembly? Contact us and ask our experts!

Why Should You Order Your Billiard Table with Assembly?

A high-quality Pool Billiard Table is a long-term investment – therefore, you should trust experts even for the assembly. Assembling a billiard table is a task that can pose several problems for an amateur. Small mistakes can already have significant impacts on the playing behavior.

That’s why you should request your billiard table with assembly from a professional:

  • The slate plate must be precisely aligned to obtain a flat, horizontal playing surface. For multi-part plates, each must be adjusted individually. Conventional spirit levels are only partially suitable for this – professional assemblers use special machine spirit levels or spirit bubbles.
  • The covering with the billiard cloth also requires absolute precision. Dirt not removed from under the cloth or unevenly stretched felt cause an irregular playing surface. Experienced assemblers know exactly what to look out for during covering.
  • Special tools are necessary for assembling a billiard table, which are not available in every household.

With assembly by a specialist, you almost don’t have to worry about anything – only an additional helper should be on site to bring the billiard table to the chosen place.

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Order Your Billiard Table with Assembly – Reliable and Competent at Bilmag Billiard Shop

Whether you want to buy a completely custom-assembled billiard table, are interested in the multifunctional billiard table dining table combination, or want to purchase another high-quality model from our range: Play it safe and order your billiard table with assembly!

Benefit from important advantages:

  • Our assemblers have already set up over 1000 tables and will take care of the perfect assembly for you too.
  • Professional assembly of the billiard table ensures optimal playing fun.
  • Only with assembly by a specialist are any assembly errors covered by the warranty.
  • When you order your billiard table with assembly, you can pay for the table directly after installation to our service employee.

Do you have any questions about our service or individual products from our shop, like billiard cues, tables, or cloths? Contact us – we are here for you!